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Liver Function Tests

Liver is an important organ of the body that plays many important roles including digestion. It produces enzymes and various hormones inside the body and helps in digestion. Such an important organ requires tests at reputed labs like Batra's Diagnostic Centre. We provide Liver Function Tests in Bandra at our labs using high end equipments and devices in order to provide most accurate results possible. Even if you are prone to heavy usage of alcohol you need Liver Function Tests in Khar to get fully assured of your health. Such tests are also important after surgery or any injuries near the liver.

Tackling Liver Problems Through Tests

Alcohol abuse too leads to many serious problems like cirrhosis. This is caused due to damage of liver tissue and severely affects its function. If you have symptoms like pale skin, yellow eyes, reduced testicles size and other such symptoms, it is important to get Liver Function Test for Cirrhosis after proper consultation from a reputed doctor. The treatment could last long and the doctor might advise you to get repeat Liver function Test in case the symptoms don't go away. We at Batra Diagnostic Centre have all the required facilities to carry out most accurate Liver Function Tests in Santacruz using state of the art lab facilities at our centre.

Requirement for Regular Tests

Infections in liver like Hepatitis B and C can lead to damage of liver. So, your doctor would recommend Liver Function Tests to diagnose the profile of liver and provide effective treatment. If you already have a persistent problem in liver, the doctor would recommend regular tests such as Liver Function Test SGPT to check for any improvement by treatment. If no improvement is detected he would recommend change in the course of treatment. The tests are carried out at our centre under the supervision of trained technicians and the samples are well examined to provide quality reports with marked indicators.