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Kidney Function Tests

Kidney has an important function in our body. It filters the blood circulating in the body to remove toxins and various chemicals and proteins that come out through urine. The kidneys can undergo damage which can be detected using Kidney Function Tests in Bandra from a reputed and reliable lab like Batra Diagnostic Centre. We at Batras have state of the art equipments and devices to perform reliable tests. Type 1 or 2 diabetes too may lead to kidney problems. So if you have diabetes it is required that you perform regular Kidney Function Tests in Khar at an affordable rate which can be availed at our centre. Since diabetes cannot be totally cured the tests are required to be performed at regular intervals.

Many causative factors like high blood pressure, recurrent kidney diseases, polycystic kidney disease, prolonged urinary tract infection, etc. can cause chronic kidney diseases. If you are facing such conditions, Kidney Function Tests can diagnose the damages to the kidney. There are two types of tests like ACR (Albumin to Creatinine Ratio) and GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) which can help diagnose the presence of any condition in the kidney. One of the most used test to diagnose problems is ACR Kidney Function Test in which urine sample is analysed to detect the presence of albumin, a protein found inside the blood. Higher albumin in urine would mean damage or problem in the kidney.

Another important type of kidney test is blood based GFR. In this test the blood samples are analysed to detect the presence of a toxin known as creatinine. Using the GFR Kidney Function Test you can analyse the level of problem and damage in the kidney nephrons. So keeping the importance of kidneys in human body we at Batra's Diagnostic Centre provide quality Kidney Function Tests in Santacruz, carried out by well qualified lab technicians. We also use most advanced lab equipments and machines to give qualitative results. Such a level of qualitative work has made us the most preferred choice for patients and doctors across Mumbai.