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Insulin Test

Diabetes is mainly caused when the body is not able to release insulin which is responsible to convert the sugar in the body to energy. There are many test which is responsible for Insulin Test in Bandra. It is very important to get the test done at specialized centres. There is a massive demand for such test in the town. One could understand the key aspects why Insulin tests are vital in many ways.

It is usually a hormone that is produced and stored in beta cells of the pancreas. It helps in transporting glucose from the blood to within cells. It helps in regulating blood glucose levels and has a role in lipid metabolism. That is one of the reasons Insulin Test in Santacruz and is vital in many aspects. So, you could always get the test done at designated places.

Why Get Tested?

To help in evaluating insulin produced by beta cells in pancreas which helps in diagnosing the presence of an insulin-producing tumor in the islet cells of pancreas which helps in determining the reason of low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) to help identify insulin resistance and to help determine taking insulin to supplement oral medications. Insulin Test in Khar have been incredibly beneficial to may people. That's where it is recommended by all.

  • Sample Required
  • A blood sample drawn from vein in arm
  • When to get tested

There are symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, dizziness, fainting, when the diabetics and healthcare professional wants to monitor insulin production to assess whether you are insulin resistance.

Test Preparation Needed?

Typically, they are asked for 8 hours before the blood sample is connected. The healthcare practitioner may do testing when fasting is not possible. Once glucose test in done. In many cases, a healthcare practitioner may request you to wait faster than long 8 hours.