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Hepatitis Markers Test

Importance of Hepatitis Marker Test

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. There are different types of hepatitis viruses which cause jaundice . By testing for Hepatitis Markers you can diagnose and identify the virus. Some of the Hepatitis Viruses are passed to new borne babies from their mothers and some are transmitted through blood and body fluid transfusions like Hbe, HAV, HCV, HbsAg ect.

Hepatitis can lead to fibrosis, cirrhosis and even liver cancer after prolonged illness. The hepatitis viruses can be detected from your faeces or through blood. These are the most common form of virus in the world and hence are a major concern for everyone. Early detection through Hepatitis Markers Test in Bandra can help control the viruses from spreading and can help you get easy treatment and cure. Consumption of contaminated food and water can lead to Hepatitis A. So, if you have been consuming such food and water it is important for you to take Hepatitis Markers Test using our services at Batra's Diagnostic Centre. The professional technicians at our centre help in performing quality based tests.

Endemic Nature of Hepatitis

There is an increasing load of hepatitis viruses around the world. Prior to 1990 there was not much awareness about standards of blood transfusion. So, it is important that you get a Hepatitis Markers Test in Khar if you have undergone such unsafe transfusions in the past. Even in case of use of contaminated syringe there is a high chance of spread of hepatitis due to which we suggest Hepatitis Markers Test in Santacruz using the best procedures available. The lab technicians at Batra's Diagnostic Centre are highly qualified and well experienced. The chances of spread of the disease can be prevented by taking precautions during surgery and use of needles.

Are you prone to Hepatitis?

There are various conditions that can lead to hepatitis such as to people born in countries where the Hepatitis virus is endemic, one of the family members having hepatitis, babies born to women infected with such viruses, etc.. In some cases your doctor might recommend Hepatitis Liver Function Test to detect any condition through the presence of ALT(Alanine aminotransferase). People with persistent liver problem have a chance of developing liver cancer. So, the doctors recommend taking Hepatitis Markers Test at a diagnostic centre that has a reputation of providing accurate markers of various indices. If you are looking for such qualitative tests we are here to help you at Batra's Diagnostic Centre.