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What is Executive Profile Test?

Executive Profile test is a complete range of test that can give you a holistic overview of your health and presence of any condition or disease. Owing to comprehensive report, the Executive Profile Lab Test in Bandra/Khar/Santacruz, available at Dr. Batra's Diagnostic Centre gives you access to manage your health in a better manner. It is also a preferred option by doctors in case of new patients so as to deal with their problem in a holistic manner. At Batra's Diagnostic Centre the reports are prepared by highly trained technicians using state of the art devices and equipments. Executive Profiles price range is from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 5990 and tests vary from 48 tests to 9O tests which include Haemogram, Liver Profile, Lipid Profile, Renal Profile, Thyroid Profile, Diabetic Screening, Cardiac enzymes, and Vitamins to give a complete overview of your body. All the tests are performed keeping government regulations in mind and by using highest laboratory standards.

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