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Cancer Markers Test

Batras Diagnostic Centre is a 40 years old Laboratory located in one of the biggest neighbourhoods in Mumbai. Our centre is executed under the guidance of the most experienced & skilled MD Pathologist. We are basically a part of the integrated network of pathology labs.

Know more about the Cancer Markers Test:

Basically, Cancer Markers are the type of materials, frequently proteins that are generated by the cancer tissue itself or occasionally by the body in reply to cancer growth. Thus, Cancer Markers Test in Bandra/Khar/Santacruz performed by us may include body samples such as blood, urine & tissue through which these substances can easily be noticed. In addition to this, these marker tests together with other procedures & tests used to diagnose & detect some cancer types and screen a person's response to proper treatments and detect reappearance.

Some of the Cancer markers used in diagnosis are
  • CA 125 for Ovarian
  • CA 15.3 for Breast
  • CA 19.9 for Pancreatic
  • CA 72.4 for Gastric
  • CEA for Colonic
  • PSA , Free PSA and Free PSA/PSA ratio for Prostate
Mostly, tumor marker tests are used to:
  • Check to observe if your cancer has come back after successful treatment
  • Plan your treatment.
  • Help to find out if cancer has spread to other tissues or not
  • If the levels of your tumor marker go down, it basically means the treatment is working.
  • Facilitate to predict the expected result or course of your disease