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In today's high technology world, everything is going digitally and why not, after all its 21st century where people as well are moving forward and become HI-FI in every aspect. Same applies in the medical industry where a blood test was done at home rather than going to the laboratory. We, at our Blood Testing Centres in Bandra, engaged in offering reliable services of Blood Group Test to patients from the comfort of their house. The reason is no one likes to stand in a queue outside the diagnostic centre or lab.

Does not matter where you are located, we are just a few steps away from you. We assure to bring access to world-class diagnostic facilities right at our patient's doorstep. The offered Blood Group Test in Bandra which is often suitable for both doctors & patients to determine the particular blood group, be it a positive or negative. After concerning the special demands of our esteemed clients, we offer this Blood Group Test in Khar and make the availability of reports in accordance with the set industry guidelines before the consultation is undertaken.

Owing to the cost-effective laboratory services & transparent business deals, we are considered among the noteworthy Blood Testing Centres in Khar for patients who are looking for the blood test at home.

Major advantages of using Blood Test Home Visit in Santacruz:
  • Affordable rates
  • 100% Result & Report Accuracy
  • Most talented & skilled laboratory assistant & specialists
  • Accurate & fast analysis from recognized laboratory
  • Convenient as samples can be collected at home

Batras Diagnostic Centre is stand out amongst the most reliable Blood Testing Centres in Santacruz whose main motto is to serves people with blood test services with cost-adequacy. Our team of lab specialists carries Blood Test Home Visit in Khar so that our patients who are unable to go outside can get their test done at home.